A common workstation problem

January 19, 2016
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Workstation Ergonomics

A very common workstation situation which causes musculoskeletal issues is when work requires alternating between paperwork and the computer work.

Putting papers at the front of the desk (for easy reading and writing) and the keyboard further away causes the arms to extend forward, the shoulders and the upper back to round and the low back to move forward away from the chair backrest. It also requires the neck to flex to read the papers so close to the body. These postures are very likely to cause pain in any areas of the upper body and back.

Using an inline document holder swaps the locations of the papers and keyboard. The result is keying with a more relaxed arms and shoulders, better back posture and reading with a much more neutral neck posture.

Though the papers are further away for writing the document holder provides support for the forearm. If prolonged writing is required many of these document holders slide over the keyboard to reduce the reach.

Inline Document Holders

Workstation Ergonomics

The space between the monitor and keyboard is ‘prime real estate’ for the neck but usually only holds unimportant bits and pieces. Inline document holders are a simple workstation change which make computer use safer and more comfortable for the neck and back.

Twisting the head, neck and back to view papers flat on the desk (usually to the left of the keyboard) is a very common cause of neck or back pain. A document holder positions papers so that they are raised and angled and directly in front of the body, removing all twisting of the neck.

– Many are large enough to hold large, open or heavy files or stacks of papers.

– Some styles have angle or height adjustability.

– Some slide forward over the keyboard to become an angled reading and writing platform.

To fit an inline document holder between the keyboard and monitor usually require at least 300mm however some styles require less space.

There are many different inline document holders available on the market, including the DocSlope. Book a consultation with SAOT Consultatns today and find out what might work best for you.