Ergonomic Workstation Assessments Adelaide

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments Adelaide and South Australia-wide

Ergonomic workstation assessments Adelaide and South Australia-wide, done by an experienced occupational therapist are an important and cost effective way to prevent injury, recover from discomfort, pain or injury, improve workplace health, comfort and performance.

Our ergonomic workstation assessments include:
  • Evaluation of the chair, desk, monitor, screen, keyboard, mouse, phone, reference materials, reading and writing, under desk foot space, lighting and other environmental factors.
  • Immediate correction and adjustment of the workstation and chair wherever this is possible. (We don’t mind moving monitors!).
  • Assessment of work methods, postures and habits (Often overlooked and hidden culprits of workplace discomfort, pain and injury).
  • Report; verbal, hand written or emailed feedback summarising the issues identified and our recommendations. We believe that long detailed reports are not always necessary; but what is important, is for any workstation issues to be clearly identified and cost effective solutions spelt out in user friendly reports.
  • Workstation diagram (PC and laptop) and stretches sheets.

We understand anatomy, body mechanics, pain, injury and health conditions. We also understand that unless an employee is informed they may well ‘unadjust’ their chair or workstation the next day! We take time to explain the rationale behind workstation adjustments and modifications. We believe this is what sets us apart from many other workstation assessors. We are often surprised at the positive feedback that follows our assessments and presentations.

We also understand the need for cost effective work health and safety, balancing this with a safe and suitable workplace for employees.

We stay up to date with our knowledge of office ergonomics, office equipment and furniture and injury management strategies. This enables us to make effective, practical recommendations.

For example the most expensive chair is not necessarily the best.  We will not recommend a new chair if the existing one can be repaired, re-gassed or modified for safe, suitable seating.

Workstation Assessments Adelaide

SAOT Consultants offer various types of assessments to assist workplaces

Ergonomic workstation assessments – proactive

20 – 30 minutes:  These assessments will ensure a safe, suitable workstation and will assist to prevent work related musculo-skeletal problems.  This assessment is ideal for new starters, after office moves or if new furniture has been installed. Minimum of 2 assessments per visit.

This assessment is proactive – not suitable for employees who have concerns, issues or health conditions.

Ergonomic workstation assessments – responsive

45 – 60 minutes:  This assessment is designed to assist individuals who have expressed a concern about their workstation, have discomfort, pain, injury or a medical condition impacting on their work.

To effectively address and manage workstation or health concerns these assessments also include:

  • history of symptoms, treatment, diagnosis
  • symptom aggravation and relief
  • work tasks and activities
  • identification of causative and aggravating factors

Following this, the best and most cost effective solutions, adjustments and modifications are identified and discussed.  We will also guide and assist you with the implementation of any workstation changes.

Home office workstation assessment

30 – 60 minutes: With more individuals working from home, a home office workstation assessment will ensure a safe and suitable home work environment.

Whether their workstation is PC or laptop, dining table or study desk we will ensure that the home work environment and workstation are safe, suitable and productive.

Ergonomics and Injury prevention group education

We love to share our passion, and our group education sessions are a cost efficient way to improve employee awareness, skills and knowledge.

They are also interesting and interactive! In one hour we can share our Tips for a Healthy Back, teach stretches, chair adjustment, workstation ergonomics, what to do if you feel pain and healthy work practices.

Employees then have the skills and confidence to adjust their own workstation and have a skill for life.

Remote Workplace Assessments

Individuals working in country locations are often under-serviced due to their remoteness.  With the help of technology, assessments conducted ‘remotely’ are possible.

These assessments are effective and accurate when done by a therapist skilled & experienced in workplace & workstation assessments. Needless to say, they are much more cost effective. The process involves:

1. Pre-assessment data collection via our questionnaire, relevant photos & measurements of the workstation are included.

2. Contact is made with the individual to discuss their workstation and chair, work habits etc.

3. A report is provided incorporating our analysis and recommendations.

Workstation Assessments Adelaide workstation-assessments-adelaide-05

SAOT Consultants Assessment Rates

The cost of a workstation assessment is a fraction of the cost of an employee taking sick days or a claim.

Assessments, Reports, Group Talk:

$175/hour (+GST)

Remote Workplace Assessments

Please contact us to discuss cost.


We are happy to provide verbal feedback, a hand written checklist report (done at the time of the assessment), emailed ‘dot points’ or a full written report.  As a guide a short report requires 1⁄4 hour, a full report requires ½ hour (per workstation assessment).


Obviously we have to come to you and travelling time is required. If we are with you for a longer period we can wear the cost of the travel time, but otherwise a travel charge to cover our time is required.

Adelaide CBD visits over 2 hours: NO CHARGE
Adelaide CBD inner metropolitan visits over 2½ hours: NO CHARGE
Adelaide outer metropolitan (e.g. Salisbury, Elizabeth, Modbury, Noarlunga) visits over 3 hours: NO CHARGE
Country/Remote: TO BE QUOTED

For more information please contact Judy Ross on, 0409 722 748 or Jo Scholz on, 0438 776 362 or our office on 08 8277 9897