Working safely from home – remote workstation assessment

March 23, 2020
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The problem

Employees working from home, using their own furniture and computer equipment are likely to work using unsafe postures. Reduced productivity, discomfort, pain, and injury can result.

The solution

Musculoskeletal issues can be prevented and managed by ensuring good ergonomics for employees working from home.

Our vast experience in computer ergonomics, seating and workstation assessments enables us to efficiently and effectively assess home workstations via video conference.

Our process

A questionnaire is sent to the employee, to obtain information about their home workstation, work tasks and any concerns. This is returned with photos. We arrange a time for the video conference – to assess the workstation and any potential ergonomic risk.

A report is sent to the referrer summarising the assessment, adjustments made, recommendations to work behaviours and any further recommended changes or adjustments.

Our experience in home workstation assessment allows us to predominantly find ergonomic solutions using objects in the home.

If you are needing assistance to ensure your workforce stays safe and productive while working at home please get in touch with us.