Rural workplace assessment seem to difficult or expensive? Think again.

January 20, 2016
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Remote Workplace Assessments

Injured workers in country & remote locations are often under-serviced & their recovery can be slow or difficult. Why?

– No early intervention assessments are done because of the high costs or difficulty in providing these.
– Difficulty finding local therapists who are suitably experienced and can provide the assessments needed.
– High travel costs if an Adelaide based OT is used.

With the help of technology, assessments conducted ‘remotely’ are possible!

These are just as accurate when done by a therapist skilled and experienced in workplace and workstation assessments. Needless to say, they are much more cost effective!

1. Pre-assessment data collection. We email the worker our ‘Remote Workstation Pre-assessment’ questionnaire. They describe their job, tasks, work habits, skills etc. They take relevant photos & measurements of their workplace or workstation & email this to us.

2. Assessment and analysis. We read the completed questionnaire then phone (or Skype or Facetime) the worker. Once we’ve identified factors affecting recovery we discuss injury management adjustments needed e.g. workplace or workstation adjustment, work behaviour changes.

3. Report. Data provided by the worker is included in the report. We add our analysis and recommendations.

Indicative cost. $425 +GST (max), billed as WA130A, 2.5 hrs (max)
If follow up is needed (e.g. check on equipment installation or adjustment) we liaise with the referrer.

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