Preventing Workplace Injury

We work on preventing workplace injury, through assessment and education

SAOT Consultants are passionate about preventing workplace injury through ergonomic assessments and education. Both are simple yet effective ways to identify potential causes of workplace injury and manage them.

We provide these services across a wide range of fields, from computer workstations to manual handling training.

Some services we offer for preventing workplace injury in your workplace:

  • Presentations to groups – office ergonomics – are a cost effective way to ensure staff are given the knowledge they need to arrange their workstation, adjust their chair and understand healthy work practices.
  • Workplace design. An ergonomic work environment assists individuals to work effectively and comfortably but poor workplace design is a cause of musculoskeletal disorders and subsequent staff absenteeism. We understand the human body and the requirements of various occupations and will work collaboratively with architects, designers, builders or office fit-out suppliers to ensure the best fit between the work environment, the tasks being performed and the people.
  • Manual handling training. We ensure that our training is engaging, interactive and specific to the activities performed at the workplace.
Preventing Workplace Injury