Use it, or lose it!

January 19, 2016
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Back Exercises

Most Australians will at some point in their lives have a problem with their back. There are some cultures in the world however where back pain hardly exists. One very likely reason would be back strength and flexibility.

Throughout our lives we need to keep our back and surrounding tissues strong and flexible.


Every soft tissue in the body (ligaments, tendons, muscles) will contract, lose elasticity and shorten if not lengthened and stretched regularly. Every muscle, if not exercised (worked strongly) will weaken. Together these problems will lead to a weak back, poor posture and less support for the spine.

A sedentary job = a job requiring little movement and little strength. Therefore in a sedentary job our bodies will not stay flexible and strong. If your job cannot keep your body strong and flexible it will need to be done outside of work; through sport or exercise.

So…. Use it, or lose it!

This link shows some safe, simple back exercises which if done regularly will improve back health. If you have back pain or other musculoskeletal health conditions consult your doctor before doing these exercises.

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