Adelaide Occupational Therapists

SAOT Consultants – Judy Ross and Jo Scholz – are experienced and skilled Adelaide based occupational therapists: specialists in improving functional abilities, independence and reducing the effects of disability.

We undertake workplacehome and clinic based assessments to assist the recovery, rehabilitation or return to work of individuals affected by accident, injury or illness.

We work with employers to prevent injury and promote the well being of employees.

We have expertise in assessments and services including:

  • Workplace and ergonomic assessment
  • Computer workstation assessment
  • Seating, posture and chair assessment
  • Job analysis
  • Home assessment and modifications
  • Return to work planning
  • Pain management
  • Injured worker management
  • Medico-legal assessment
  • Assessment of function, including Functional Capacity Evaluation

Our History

SAOT Consultants was formed in 2005 by Judy Ross. With the idea of forming a small Occupational Therapy practice, SAOT Consultants grew to an independent group of skilled Adelaide occupational therapists with a wide range of clinical experiences and interests.

We pride ourselves in our common belief of providing quality services to our clients and professional support and ongoing education to our team.